Mangan Cybersecurity is a division of the Mangan Incorporated family of services established in 1990. Our team of experts from multiple office locations throughout the USA stand ready to address your cybersecurity needs as a dedicated OT Cybersecurity Consulting Firm.
About Mangan Cybersecurity


Our team of cybersecurity experts provide OT Cybersecurity consulting services and continually research, challenge, and put into place strategies, documentation, and tools to meet regulatory, corporate, or regional mandates for OT cybersecurity.

The implementation of the Client Engagement Toolkit and the ICSSbD® Risk Analysis Toolkit links your existing cybersecurity posture with risk models from the NIST Framework, MITRE ATT&CK® and industry specific OT cybersecurity standards as well as your internally developed policies and procedures to mitigate & remediate risks at all levels.
Reliable OT Cybersecurity Consulting Services


Mangan Inc. Staff is made up of nearly 350 Degreed Engineers, Licensed Professional Engineers, and Technical Professionals with industry experience spanning 20+ years.  Many have been seconded at our client facilities and have become a truly integrated part of our clients’ staff. We staff our projects according to the needs and requirements of our customers with a mixture of talent to ensure that the benefit of our expertise is delivered with the most value.

EXPERIENCE YOU CAN TRUST- OT Cybersecurity Consulting Firm

Different than many who have addressed cybersecurity concerns with mostly IT folks even on the OT side, Mangan has applied its 31 years of experience in controls and systems integration to meet this need. What has been performed effectively and intuitively as technology needs became available, has been transformed into a format that can meet regulatory, compliance, documentation, and security needs, no matter the complexity.


Our team of experts can engage in an effective way to help you understand how mature your OT cybersecurity posture is and how the IT-OT networks are connected. Our unique approach to cybersecurity risks always integrated with business continuity in mind, helps to protect your most valuable assets. Leveraging our ICSSbD® Evaluation Toolkit, a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment can be completed in matter of few days or weeks, allowing for quick feedback, remediation, or response if necessary.
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