Industrial Control Systems Secure by Design

What is ICSSbD®?

ICSSbD®, The Industrial Control Systems Secure by Design toolkit is a proprietary methodology that Mangan Cybersecurity uses to organize and ensure a client’s OT cybersecurity is secure. ICSSbD® is Mangan’s Cybersecurity business guide, process, and cybersecurity management lifecycle incorporated into OT cyber resiliency from initial planning, and preparation through to systems retirement.

The ICSSbD® asset-based model is centered around a Mitre Att&ck® knowledge base. The assessment methodology is aligned with the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) CSF (Cybersecurity Framework). ICSSbD® influences all aspects of a cybersecurity project. This includes a fundamental belief that good design and proper protection should go hand-in-hand, and that system designs should integrate cybersecurity elements at the outset, instead of adding them on later and instilling a culture of cybersecurity into the lifeblood of the business.

Industrial Control Systems Secure by Design

ICSSbD® OT Cybersecurity

Mangan Cybersecurity evaluators use the ICSSbD® toolkit to produce comprehensive assessments and expert guidance to determine the best possible solutions to manage and control the cybersecurity risks to the client’s operational technology.  Services available within the ICSSbD® Evaluation Toolkit include Threat and Risk Analysis, Profiles Development, Gap Analysis, Recommended Countermeasures, Business Alignment, and Tiered Reporting. To learn how our ICSSbD® methodology can help to protect your business contact us or chat live with a member of our team.


Our team of experts can engage in an effective way to help you understand how mature your OT cybersecurity posture is and how the IT-OT networks are connected. Our unique approach to cybersecurity risks always integrated with business continuity in mind, helps to protect your most valuable assets. Leveraging our ICSSbD® Evaluation Toolkit, a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment can be completed in matter of few days or weeks, allowing for quick feedback, remediation, or response if necessary.
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