Inductive Automation releases Ignition version and Includes Important Security Update

  • Issue Date:

    May 16, 2022

  • Importance

    Very High

  • Summary

    Inductive Automation releases Ignition version and includes an important security update to correct vulnerabilities exposed at the S4x22 ICS security conference.

  • Systems Impacted

    Ignition SCADA Platform

Inductive Automation launches Ignition v8.1.1.7 

Advisory Details

Again, this year at the S4 security conference (S4x22) Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative hosted an ethical hacker competition called Pwn2Own (pronounced pōn to own).  With prizes in the tens of thousands of dollars, the best security researchers and white-hat hackers match skills to discover Zero Day vulnerabilities in industrial control software.

Inductive Automation’s Ignition product was one of ten products chosen and put simply was hacked. Teams were able to exploit bugs by using missing authentication and a file upload vulnerability to conduct Remote Code Execution on the Ignition servers.

Inductive Automation was able to analyze and repair the exposures and rapidly push-out updates.  More on that in the next section.

These bugs are not trivial. The teams spend up to three months analyzing the product’s attack surface.

Actions and/or Recommendations

Inductive Automation recommends that users plan updates to install fixes in version 8.1.17. Also, for version

7.9 users the fixes have been backported and are available in version 7.9.20.

On or around July 12, 2022, Inductive Automation will publish a Technical Advisory describing the vulnerabilities.

Until then, begin to plan the Ignition upgrade to coincide with other maintenance activities or the next best opportunity. Continue to maintain mitigating controls and a secure and hardened network perimeter.

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