Documentation and Compliance

Documentation and Compliance Services

The internet is filled with ideas and proposed best practices to protect your OT critical infrastructure. While these may be good places to start, they do not directly represent your company’s business needs or objectives. Addressing and planning for your specific legal, regulatory, or internal compliance requirements can seem daunting and overwhelming.

Mangan Cybersecurity can help you to navigate and develop your organizational OT cybersecurity documentation and compliance needs during all stages of your process for planning, best practices, assessments, training, operations, testing and tracking purposes.

How We Can Help With
Documentation and Compliance Services

  • Evaluation and assessment of your existing OT Cybersecurity documentation.
  • Development of best practices, policies, and planning documents specifically catered to meet your organization needs.
  • Review and verification of your facility’s compliance as it relates to your regulatory and policy driven requirements.

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Our team of experts can engage in an effective way to help you understand how mature your OT cybersecurity posture is and how the IT-OT networks are connected. Our unique approach to cybersecurity risks always integrated with business continuity in mind, helps to protect your most valuable assets. Leveraging our ICSSbD® Evaluation Toolkit, a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment can be completed in matter of few days or weeks, allowing for quick feedback, remediation, or response if necessary.
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