What is an OT cybersecurity audit?

An OT cybersecurity audit is typically the complete inventory, documentation and assessment of OT system assets installed within a specified environment.  Traditionally this has included all network devices, PC’s, servers, control systems, SCADA, historians as well as any other components that may impact a facility’s ability to recover quickly from a cybersecurity incident. There are however many other aspects that should and must also be considered.

In fact, OT assets do not only include those listed previously but also include any person, place or thing that can have a positive or negative impact to your OT environment.  Areas such as personnel, physical security, cloud services and third party involvement must also be considered as integral components to an organization’s cybersecurity posture. Mangan’s ICSSbD® Evaluation Toolkit merges all areas of potential vulnerabilities and incorporates them into a complete audit that can later be leveraged into actionable strategies to protect your facility as required.

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