DHS Issues an Update to the Pipeline Industry Security Directive

  • Issue Date:

    August 1, 2022

  • Importance

    Very High

  • Summary

    Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration publishes Security Directive Pipeline-2021-02C (SD02C) to supersede Security Directive Pipeline-2021-02B.

  • Systems Impacted

    Owners and Operators of TSA designated critical hazardous liquid pipelines, natural gas pipelines or liquified natural gas facilities. Refer to DHS TSA memorandum and attachment: https://www.tsa.gov/sites/default/files/tsa_sd_pipeline-2021-02-july-21_2022.pdf

Advisory Details

The Owner/Operator is required to

  1. Establish  a  TSA  approved  5-part  Cybersecurity Implementation Plan  to  address  cybersecurity measures specified in SD02C
  2. Produce a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan
  3. Create a Cybersecurity Assessment Program
  4. Maintain a regular practice to fulfill the plans and course of action described in parts 1, 2 and 3
  5. Submit  to  TSA  an  annual  plan  identifying  methods,  processes,  and  procedures  to  assess  the effectiveness of the cybersecurity plans and programs of parts 1, 2 and 3

Actions and/or Recommendations

  1. Identify current client base which may be impacted by SD02C
  2. Communicate Mangan Cybersecurity capabilities to the client base falling into the category of owners and operators describe in the Systems Impacted Section
  3. Identify client capabilities to meet the SD02C requirements
  4. Offer Mangan Cybersecurity to supplement client resources or provide solutions to meet

SD02C requirements on behalf of the client

  1. Reach out to congressional representatives to better understand how to interact with TSA on behalf of clients

Be aware that SD02C is not designated Sensitive Security Information.  However, information submitted to the TSA in support of any of the SD02C requirements is protected as Sensitive Security Information per 49 CFR parts 15 (relating to Department of Transportation regulated assets) and 1520 (relating to Coast Guard regulated assets).

About REAL Matters and Mangan Inc.

REAL Matters advisories are published to communicate cybersecurity threats and risks within the Operational Technology (OT) environment and where Critical Infrastructure vulnerabilities are identified. The purpose of this newsletter is to inform, propose suggested approaches to mitigate the risk as well as provide feedback on how Mangan Cybersecurity is approaching the issue(s) addressed.

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